I'm taking requests!

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I'm taking requests!
« on: July 30, 2016, 06:18:32 AM »
Requests are open!  But, here's the deal...  It may take me some time to fulfill requests for custom avatars and signatures.  Also, when making a request, be as specific as possible.  Provide examples, if you have them.

Also, I have blu ray rips of Korra episodes.  They are very high quality and I am sorry that I can't redo all those screenshot I did and put them on my site. :( I can, however, take requests for PNG screenshots taken from them for you to use in your own work.  Just let me know which shots you want.


The image size limits for avatars is max @ 150 x 150.  However, most icons (including all of the icons hosted on Piandao.org) are only 100 x 100.  If you'd like a simple, cropped 150 x 150 icon, I can make it for you.

When you're done making a request, leave me a contact e-mail where I can send you your files.  If you aren't comfortable posting your e-mail publicly, send it to me through PM.

And, finally...  Please don't request something until I've finished your first Something.  It just creates more work for me and stresses me out. :/
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