Avatar World Week-Summer Redux

From https://avatarworldweek.tumblr.com/post/185567662674/avatar-world-week-summer-redux: No matter who your favorite character is, no matter what you ship, one thing this fandom can agree on is we all love Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. Once again it’s time to show our collective love.This time Avatar World Week will be Sunday, August 4th  thru Saturday, August 10 .

August 4 – Earth

August 5 – Fire

August 6 – Air

August 7 – Water

August 8 – Spirit

August 9 – Heart

August 10 – Head(canon)

The first 6 days are pretty straight forward, take the prompts and run with them. Day 7 is for sharing head canons. A few words, few paragraphs, a few pages. Anything you want to share.

As usual:

 1)   All art is welcome. Pictures, gifsets, crafts, fanfiction, whatever. You can make one thing for one day or ten things for each day or any amount in between. If you made it, we want to see it.

 2)   Use the tag #awwsummerredux so we can find your work.(Because the tags don’t always work, please send a message or tag the blog on the work; @avatarworldweek )

 3)   Use tags as they apply and stay away from anything that can be considered pedophiliac. I know we shouldn’t have to say that, but we’ve all seen the tags.

 4)   No Bashing. Everyone has a notp, Avatar World Week it not the time to talk about it.