Maiko Fluff Week

October 5 – October 11

Day 1: Tranquility

Day 2: Protect

Day 3: Future

Day 4: Coffee Shop

Day 5: Blanket

Day 6: Domestic

Day 7: Road Trip

A while back you had you all vote on what kind of ship week you’d like to see in the fall. The votes are in! And we’re here to give you Maiko Fluff Week! We’ve also included some fun picture prompts to get those ideas flowing. Maiko Fluff Week will run from Oct 5-11. Submit your work by tagging #maikofluffweek19 and mentioning @idonthatemaiko!

See you all in October!

Please read the FAQ before participating. 

Avatar World Week-Summer Redux

From No matter who your favorite character is, no matter what you ship, one thing this fandom can agree on is we all love Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. Once again it’s time to show our collective love.This time Avatar World Week will be Sunday, August 4th  thru Saturday, August 10 .

August 4 – Earth

August 5 – Fire

August 6 – Air

August 7 – Water

August 8 – Spirit

August 9 – Heart

August 10 – Head(canon)

The first 6 days are pretty straight forward, take the prompts and run with them. Day 7 is for sharing head canons. A few words, few paragraphs, a few pages. Anything you want to share.

As usual:

 1)   All art is welcome. Pictures, gifsets, crafts, fanfiction, whatever. You can make one thing for one day or ten things for each day or any amount in between. If you made it, we want to see it.

 2)   Use the tag #awwsummerredux so we can find your work.(Because the tags don’t always work, please send a message or tag the blog on the work; @avatarworldweek )

 3)   Use tags as they apply and stay away from anything that can be considered pedophiliac. I know we shouldn’t have to say that, but we’ve all seen the tags.

 4)   No Bashing. Everyone has a notp, Avatar World Week it not the time to talk about it.

Azula Week 2019

So here are the prompts and the days;

Sunday, July 14th – Greek Goddess AU & Tattoo Shop

Monday, July 15th –  Post Canon Azula & Athlete 

Tuesday, July 16th – A Song As A Prompt & Painter AU

Wednesday, July 17th  –  Time Travel AU & Put The Story In Another Era AU

Thursday, July 18th – Game Of Thrones & Crossover AU

Friday Unexpectedly Saving Someone From The Gaang & Mermaid AU

Saturday, July 20th – Azula and Zuko adults as family with Izumi and Kiyi &  Flower/Tea Shop AU

Thanks for everyone’s patience this summer has been pretty busy for me. I can’t wait to see all of the entries.  

Royal Family Week 2019

TmTdAnnouncing Royal Family Week 2019!A week to celebrate everyone’s favorite dysfunctional family! Hosted by Idonthatemaiko.

FEB 17 – FEB 23 | #royalfamilyweek19

01. Drifting
02. Ceremony
03. Broken
04. Family
05. Coming of Age
06. Beautiful
07. Reckless

R U L E S :

  1. Please include proper credit on your fanworks. Any reposts or edits with another artist’s work involved without proper credit will not posted.
  2. No Ship Hate: Any bashing of the other Avatar ships will not be permitted.
  3. No Hate In General: Hate directed toward the participants will not be tolerated.
  4. No works portraying pedophilia, they will not be posted to this blog.
  5. In addition to rule #4, we also will not post anything that is considered underage. If you plan to write, or draw any nsfw works, that’s fine, but please be sure the characters are aged accordingly.
  6. Mature works should be tagged #nsfw
  7. Any other further questions not addressed in the FAQ below can be sent to our ask.

Read FAQ before participating.