Royal Family Week 2019

TmTdAnnouncing Royal Family Week 2019!A week to celebrate everyone’s favorite dysfunctional family! Hosted by Idonthatemaiko.

FEB 17 – FEB 23 | #royalfamilyweek19

01. Drifting
02. Ceremony
03. Broken
04. Family
05. Coming of Age
06. Beautiful
07. Reckless

R U L E S :

  1. Please include proper credit on your fanworks. Any reposts or edits with another artist’s work involved without proper credit will not posted.
  2. No Ship Hate: Any bashing of the other Avatar ships will not be permitted.
  3. No Hate In General: Hate directed toward the participants will not be tolerated.
  4. No works portraying pedophilia, they will not be posted to this blog.
  5. In addition to rule #4, we also will not post anything that is considered underage. If you plan to write, or draw any nsfw works, that’s fine, but please be sure the characters are aged accordingly.
  6. Mature works should be tagged #nsfw
  7. Any other further questions not addressed in the FAQ below can be sent to our ask.

Read FAQ before participating.